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INCI Ectoine

Cas 96702-03-3

Free flowing fine white powder
Why ectoine?   - it is an osmoprotectant. Osmoprotectants  are small organic molecules that act to help organisms survive extreme stress.  this one is derived from amino acids. These molecules accumulate in cells and balance the osmotic difference between intra-cellular and extract-cellular water.  In simpler terms it 
 acts as a cell protector and stabiliser, and boosts cellular hydration. 

Reportedly it also guards against UV irradiation. 

How - it strengthens the skin’s barrier to helping reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

It also  has outstanding properties to protect the skin barrier when compromised by for example 

harsh surfactants, extremes of cold or heat, the ageing process or UV exposure.

In vivo research has shown ectoine to have strong water-binding capabilities and greater efficacy at maintaining skin hydration than glycerol-based humectants.

 It is also being investigated for its capacity to alleviate atopic dermatitis - we're hoping for some data on this hypothesis in the next few years!