Coconut Oil Fractionated (MCT) Organic

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Capric and Caprylic triglycerides. organic 

aka MCT oil 

CAS 6538-10-9

Clear  mobile Liquid; very very light (and therefore often used as a silicon replacer)

Fractionated coconut oil is different in that it has a relatively high percentage of shorter length C:8, C:10 , completely saturated, no double bonds, triglycerides. These smaller fatty acid triglycerides are separated from the whole coconut oil to give us what is known as Fractionated Coconut Oil. The separation process is non-chemical and involves a simple physical separation process so there are no chemical residues.

Fractionated coconut oil has an indefinite shelf life ( we have never seen any go rancid) and is a light, non-greasy, non-staining, liquid oil. It is great for use in massage, toiletries and soap.  Especially useful in face products - creams and serums - where a light oil is desired.   

Tip mix it up with refined (clear) jojoba and a little squalane for a beaut little cocktail for the skin