Clove Mould Spray

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Spray on, let dry, wipe off. 

Ingredients :

Purifed Aqua

Clove Bud oil  Cas 8000-34-8

Sweet Orange oil  Cas 8008-57-9
CCG (emulsifier) Cas 68515-73-1 

We recommend using your face mask and gloves when remediating mould, and turning on your fan.

Mould - In remediating its best to remove the cause first - this is best done be creating dry air flow. Might be easier said than done.

Once you have mould - dont ignore it: get rid of it. We use this inexpensive and easy to use mix of essential oils and water ( and emulsifier to mix them together).

Clove is one of the best natural mould spore killers. 

We dont like the smell (of clove) being too strong so add a touch of orange oil to make it more pleasant. ( orange is also a natural bactericide).

Spray on, let dry and wipe off.  Sometimes we find mould can be wiped off after 20 minutes. In the toughest of cases we have left it in place for two days before wiping off.

What you get - 500ml bottle of mould spray, plus a screw-on trigger spray

(check instructions on top of trigger spray to operate)

 5lt size is a  jerry can with a crew cap (no sprayer provided)