Cera Bellina Beeswax Derivative

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Polyglycerol 3 Beeswax   Cas No .136097-93-3   white/ivory colour - small pellets.

Melt Point 73 deg C approx

Useage:  Lip balms , Lotion Bars Lip Sticks,   1- 25% Oily Gels 0.5% - 25% , Emulsions 0.5-3.0%

Why Cera Bellina?    eliminates/reduces  graininess in butters,  creates oily gels, provides more glide - less grip -  than beeswax.  Less greasy than products with a significant beeswax component -  helps disperse pigments in balms/sticks

Its also great viscosity builder without the downsides of beeswax.

Not suitable for vegans


Not tested on animals. Not for internal use.

Shelf life is about 24 months