Buddha Wood essential oil

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Eremophila Mitchellii  CAS 1429902-59-9
Steam Distilled Bark

Woody, slightly balsamic and a little bit smoky. Odour quotient is medium. You might often see it described as "malty" which infers a little sweetness, but as hard as we try we rarely find it.

Its a fairly viscous, reddish-brown oil and you'll most likely be using this to support middle top notes of other oils.  But it is very pleasant on its own, and if you like vetiver and some of the smokier woody oils ( e.g. Chinese Cedar ,..cade but its far more sophisticated ( and dearer) than these) then you should expect this will be a favourite.  

Hint:  try it with your favourite citrus and then you will need to round out the middles notes a bit.

Assay: SG 0.999

RI 1.5220


eremophilone                            33%

hydroxyl dihydro eremophilone 14%

hydroxyl eremophilone               21%

selinenes total                            1.92%