Ambrette (Musk) Absolute

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hibiscus abelmoschus

CO2 extracted seeds (aka abelmoschus moschatus).
Ambrette seed oil presents as a thin oil with a Specific Gravity of about 1.0; right through to a thick viscous oil with an SG of about 0.9, depending on the method of extraction.

Our ambrette oil is the thin one – easily pourable at room temperature.

Ambrette Seed has sweet and rich, warm, musky, nutty aroma with a exotic touch of floral.

its odour quotient is light - but its tenacious.

Perfumery: It is widely used as a fixative in high quality fragrance formulations to which it imparts a a strong and characteristic musk note. With a much smoother odour than synthetic musk compounds, it delivers a \"roundness\" rarely found in other perfumery materials.

Note: Always dilute before application to the body.

Why is it called "musk". It is called so because of its similarity to the real musk, obtained from a gland behind the navel of the male musk deer. This substance was renowned for its remarkably powerful and enduring odour. Fortunately the stags do not have to make the sacrifice these days for us to be able to use a "musk" oil.