About Our Fragrant Oils

  • DO NOT LET OILS COME INTO CONTACT WITH EYES - if this happens use a vegetable oil or water to flush it out. If in doubt contact the poisons info line on 131129 or 1800 251525.

  • All our fragrant oils are suitable for the usual craft uses, and for most people, gentle enough to use on the skin. However, we recommend trying them on the wrist first to ensure there is no adverse reaction. We call this a patch test.

  • Please do not allow them to come into contact with the painted or polished surfaces of fine furnishings.

  • Documentation for Fragrant Oils.  We rarely get documentation on fragrances. Most manufacturers will not supply info because the makeup of the oil is a proprietary formula.  However we do know they all have a flash point above 70 deg   C and thus are able to be shipped by air.
  • updated 6 Sep 2018