About our product documentation - Certificate of Analysis and MSDS and the meaning of "organic"

We like to be able to supply two documents with each product: 

Certificate of analysis (C of A) of the the specific batch, and 

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - a generic document for identification, handling and shipping the material.

However we don't have them all done - for two reasons

each batch will not necessarily have had a specific, unique test run on it, and

it is a significant administrative and testing workload, and for us would involve involve higher costs and therefor higher prices.

The only C of A's  and MSDS's  that we have are already on the web site. We add only about 20 - 30 new ones per week.

If you want one or both of these documents, and they're not on the web site, please feel free to ask.  We will send the request to the tech department, and they will go into the in-tray. However we will not hold up despatch of your order if they are not completed, and your order will go out without them.

For the organic products we list : they are either certified organic - or they can be certified because they are compliant with one or more of the recognised international certification bodies.

However  we are not certified organic   therefore we cannot and do not  label them  "certified organic".  So for the organic products we call them organic only because when we crack the drum/bottle/pail that they are supplied in they cease to be certified organic.