About our product documentation - Certificate of Analysis and MSDS

In theory all suppliers should be able to supply two documents with each product: 

Certificate of analysis (C of A) of the the specific batch, and 

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - a generic document for identification, handling and shipping the material.

However most don’t because

each batch will not necessarily have had a test run on it, and

it is a significant administrative and testing workload, and for many companies would involve an additional one or more employees.

The only C of A and MSDS that we have are already on the web site.

If you want one or both of these documents, and they're not on the web site, please feel free to ask. if it's possible for us to get them in a reasonable time we will endeavour to do so. If you ask for the docs when you place the order, it might delay your order inordinately.

For the organic products we list : they are certified organic until we crack the drum that they are supplied in.   Because our organic certification is not completed then we cannot and dont claim "certified organic".  We can supply the following documentation from the supplier, in theory.  But in practice it usually takes quite a while for it to be sent to us and then compiled ready to be placed on the web site. 

We cannot supply the ORGANIC SCHEDULE our suppliers have been certified for.