About Our Bottles

  • The purchaser acknowledges and accepts all responsibility for compatibility testing of all containers including caps and wadding, and colours. We are unable to accept any responsibility for any loss or damage, or additional costs, consequential or otherwise, as a result of such incompatibility with caps, wadding or colouring.

  • All containers include standard closures as annotated. Please note that some colours may vary; there are many shades of white, and clear , and natural. Please note the glass essential oil bottles 18mm neck glass bottles small aluminium bottles  do not come with closures supplied. Our large aluminium bottles ( 500mL and 1lt sizes do comes with caps)

  • HDPE plastic is by and large very durable; eg can be used for short term storage of essential oils and other volatile materials (long term storage is best in glass) and PET plastic is not ( it melts at low temperatures and when volatile materials are enclosed) We recommend no more than 15% EO in your bottle; assuming it will be solubilised with water.
  • 22 Jan 2019