Potassium Hydroxide - KOH (Caustic Potash)

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Used primarily for liquid soap making 

'White flakes. Use protective equipment when handling!

This product loves water and when exposed to humidity will start to clump quickly. We pack in sealed plastic containers but you may see clumping has occurred when you open the container. This is normal and should not cause a problem. We assume that most end uses will include a water component of one sort or another.

If this does not suit your needs then please do not buy this product.

Typical Characteristics
Molecular Weight: 56.1

KOH Min 90.0 %
K2CO3 Max 0.5 %
KCl Max 0.015 %
Fe Max 3 ppm
NaOH Max 1.0 %
Ni Max 5 ppm
Pb Max 2 ppm
Hg Max 0.1 ppm
Insoluble substance Passes Test
Bulk density 1.0 g/cm3
Conforms to FCCVII