Lauryl Glucoside Surfactant

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 CAS 59122-55-3

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Lauryl glucoside is a surfactant and detergent made from coconut oil the lauryl part and sugar the glucose part. Such alkyl glucosides biodegrade quickly, and tend to be gentle to the skin, and they work in hard water. It is a very viscous white liquid ( solid in winter and thick, pourable  once heated). After heating it wont go back to the solid white paste once its cooled so it looks like other glucoside in the family eg Decyl, eg coco

Used in shampoos as a detergent and as a thickening agent.

Once heated to 40 deg plus its colour will change to light gold and viscosity will change to about the same as a shampoo ( it will look pretty much like decyl glucoside).

20kg and the 100kg will be supplied in 20kg pails