Mangosteen Oil

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Cas 90045-25-3  garcinia  mangostana

lovely golden oil with a light oil odour, cold pressed from the seed

Growing naturally in  Asia & South America,  mangosteen is promoted for its anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties, hydrating properties, and (some have said) its cell regenerating properties. Some call it he queen of fruits due to its remarkable cosmetic properties, but we haven't seen a lot fo research on it so wouldn't declare too much just now.  However its right up there on the free radical scavenger scale so its "cred" it pretty high.

We're using it only in facial products for the moment and leave-in hair products

because its fairly costly. 

Usage 1-10% in your oil phase. You might like to try a little directly on your face - feels great after a couple minutes - once it penetrates the skin.


SG 0.928

RI 1.481

Oleic Acid C:18:1           approx 50%

Palmitic acid C:16:0       32.1%

Heavy metals <20ppm

Microbial test <100 opg