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Organic Luxury Moisturising Cream

Escentials of Australia

Organic Luxury Moisturising Cream

Note new formula organic shea butter is added

Please allow 7 days for Preparation and QA 20kg sizes

Ingredients purified aqua, organic cold pressed oils of macadamia, sweet almond, sunflower, rosehip,  Olivem 1000 emulsifier, organic vegetable glycerine, Preservative Gluconolactone & potassium sorbate.    (triethanalomine qs.)

Note this cream is quite thick, light yellow/yellow in colour,  and can be extended turned into a lotion up to 50 percent by adding distilled water/floral waters. With further extension it can be turned into a sprayable lotion - note that in each of these processes a small sample should be prepared at first to ensure there is no separation.

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