Marine Collagen Liquid Anti-Ageing complex

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this is one of just 5 non-vegan ingredients we stock

This beaut little protein infusion for the skin is a light, cream coloured liquid, which mixes easily with water.

Ingredients Pse note new preservative system Purified Aqua, Marine Collagen, ( from the skin of farmed salmon) Vegetable Glycerine, Gluconolactone sodium benzoate potassium sorbate

So why collagen As we age the collagen in our bodies, and particularly in our skin, is depleted. So the benefits of adding this to the beauty routine include, but are not limited to

elastin collagen thickening in the skin
Encouraging skin renewal.
Reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines.
Helping provide long-term improvements in deeper wrinkles.
Helping prevent collagen and elastin breakdown to firm the skin. Note it has a faint odour of fish in its 100% powder from. Most of your formulations will not use enough of this to have a residual fish odour but it is worth checking before use.