Luxury Beard Oil

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A light, saucy little oil designed to soothe the savage beard and the skin underneath.

it also promotes health and growth.

Ingredients cold Pressed Oil of eclipta daisy , sesame,  organic argan, meadowfoam, organic red raspberry, organic aloe vera, & mangosteen.bergamot, amyris.

It is topped off with natural Vitamin E and essentials oils of Bergamot and West Indian Sandalwood.

We think we've covered health and growth for the beard, and health for the underlying skin. We're not sure if beard shine has been covered but the organic argan oil will probably cover that. Please let us know what you think.

there is light odour of bergamot and sandalwood, on top of a light, easily penetrating oil, with a hint of the red raspberry odour. Colour is light green.