Pea Protein Peptide May Special

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Cas 90082-41-0

Pisum sativum, H20, leucidal (preservative)

All natural. light brown colour with slight odour

Approx 60 percent  pea protein, 40% water.

This peptide is made up of one of the most complete amino acid profiles of any vegetable protein. It comprises  consisting of 22 amino acids, most noticeably lysine  - one of the most potent building blocks in the human body.  It provides wonderful anti-oxidant properties.

Our body cannot synthesise lysine naturally so we need to derive to from outside sources. if you find a natural source with higher lysine/amino acid content than pea protein then we suggest you get some! 

Uses - in your anti-ageing products, add in the water phase at 0.5% - 5%.

Also very good in your hair products, where many find it is a voluminiser as well as an anti-oxidant. ( If using in the hair we suggest a leave on application is best; ie don't wash it down the drain).