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White cream - fairly viscous - no odour.

INCI Aqua,  Dimethicone, Phospholipids and Hyaluronic acid

Cas 7732-18-5, 9006-65-9, 8002-43-5, 68554-790-1, 9004-61-9

This slow release little number is really quite intoxicating. 

Apply direct to the face and neck with upward motion with fingers of both hands. Initially it feels just like a rich cream on your face (really thick) then after 5 - 10 minutes it feels so so smooth, silky. Lots of folks like to add water ( to the fingers) or to the jar to give aliitle more slip.

Approx composition

Water      44.00%

Dimethicone    36.00%

Phospholipids    10.00%

Polymethylsilsesquioxane  8.50%

Hyaluronic Acid             1.00%