AHA PhytoFruit Mix

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AHA PhytoFruit Mix

Clear water soluble liquid

More info AHA PhytoFruit Mix is a concentrated blend of five botanical extracts Sugar Cane Cas 91770-22-4,  Apple Cas 89957-48-2, Orange Cas 84012-28-2, Lemon Cas 84929-31-7, and Camellia Cas 84650-60-2, and water Cas 7732-18-5

extracts contain the naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids

in the following average (variations range up to about 2% each batch) proportions%


Lactic acid 30,

glycolic acid 15

citric acid 4.0,

malic acid 1,

tartaric acid 1.

Alpha hydroxy acids have been shown to promote younger, smoother looking skin by increasing the rate of skin cell renewal. It can be particularly useful in anti-ageing formulas and formulas for acne or other skin disorders.

pH testing is recommended when formulating to ensure the finished product pH is no lower than 3.5 - 4.

Avoid UVA/ UVB exposure when using products that contain AHAs or BHAs.

Please read the FDA Guidefor using AHAs & BHAs


INCI Name Saccharum officinarum Sugar Cane Extract and Pyrus malus Apple Fruit Extract and Citrus aurantium dulcis Orange Fruit Extract and Citrus medica limonum Lemon Fruit Extract and Camellia oleifera Leaf Green Tea Extract.

pH 4.0 5.0

Recommended Usage 2.5%- 5.0% Preservative organic ethanol

Note AHA are the key ingredients in a chemical peel which removes the dead skin cells, and may discolour the skin temporarily.  Avoid exposure to the sun after peeling.