Vitamin B5 dl-panthenol powder

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INCI dl - panthenol CAS 16485-10-2 aka pro Vitamin B5

Fine white powder. usually some clumping is evident.

Water Soluble Melting point 65 deg approx

Use at .025% to .50% by weight  

Why use vitamin B5 - in short its beaut for both your hair and your skin, and easy to incorporate into your formulae.  

For hair it moisturises , adds lustre and sheen and is add to improve strength/structure.

For skin the d-panthenol is converted to pantothenic acid, which is present in all our cells. Pantothenic acid supports our skin in many ways - think hydration, suppleness elasticity.  If you are formulating for troubled skin then is a very useful ingredient that provides good bang for buck.  After several weeks of use you will probably find your itchiness and inflammation decreased.