Citric Acid

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Fine White crystals

CAS 77-92-9 


General Purpose pH modifier & Cosmetic Ingredient

25kg cannot be shipped via post - its too heavy. Street address is needed.




Description: colourless, translucent crystals or white granular to crystalline powder

Molecular Formula: C6H8O7

Molecular Weight: 192.12

Appearance: colourless or white crystals or powder Conforms

Identification Passes Test

Clarity and colour of solution Passes Test

Content % 99.5 - 100.5 BP,EP,USP,E3 30,JP,FCC

Moisture % Max 0.5 BP,EP,USP,E3 30,JP,FCC

Calcium ppm Passes Test JP

Arsenic mg/kg Max 1 E330,JP

Cadmium ppm Max 1

Heavy metals ppm Max 10 BP,EP,USP,JP

Oxalate/oxalic acid ppm Max 100 BP,EP,USP,E3 30,JP,FCC

Sulphate ppm Max 150 BP,EP,USP,JP

Lead mg/kg Max 0.5 E330, FCC

Mercury ppm Max 1 E330

Aluminium ppm Max 0.2 BP,EP,USP

Bacterial Endotoxins IU/mg Max 0.5 BP,EP,USP

Isocitric acid (relative substances) Passes Test JP

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Passes Test JP

Trilaurylamine ppm Max 0.1 FCC

Sterility Passes Test USP

Particle size: between 12-40 mesh % 85.0