Aloe Vera Gel

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 ingredients : purified Aqua 200:1 organic aloe powder, methyl cellulose thickener

Preservative changing from gluconolactone, &, potassium sorbate, to leucidal (R)

March 2022

colour clear/light brown high viscosity liquid; slightly turbid. if you use this neat on your skin it will feel sticky and when it dries a light layer of cellulose will remain. So its  best to dilute it before application to face/skin

occasional dark specking form the aloe powder.  

Over time both colour (turns a few shades browner ) and viscosity ( becomes more runny) changes.  You can return it to its original viscosity by adding a thickener, but cannot return it to its original colour.  A small amount of sediment, may settle over time and this can be remixed of sieved off.