Beta Glucan Liquid extract

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CAS 9041-22-9, ,7732-18-5, 56-81-5

INCI Name Beta glucan, Glycerin, water.

PRESERVATIVE: Pentylene glycol 

Beta-Glucan is a natural high-molecular weight polysaccharide with immune- stimulating properties. It is extracted from mushrooms. slightly yellow/caramel liquid solution with slight (MUSHROOM)  odour. pH 6.0- 8.0, water soluble.  some light sediment.

Properties Beta glucan is a protect and repair molecule as it increases natural self protecting capabilities of the skin and also accelerates skin recovery. Due to its high molecular weight is has also good water binding capacity therefore moisturizing effects. Has been shown to stimulate collagen production and can reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Use Use levels 1 - 5% .  usage at more than 5% might leave a mushroom odour in your finished product.

Add to water phase of formulas.