Apple Stem Cell Extract

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INCI: Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract, Cas 89957-48-2

Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Lecithin, Phenoxyethanol, purified  Water

A Revolutionary Technology to Protect Skin Stem Cells PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cell Extract) is a liposomal preparation based on the stem cells of this rare Swiss apple.

 PhytoCellTec™, plant stem cells can be obtained and incorporated into cosmetic products to promote longevity of skin cells.

The protection of human stem cells by PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica has been shown by various in-vitro experiments. Other studies demonstrated its agedelaying and anti-wrinkle effects. Thus PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica is a revolutionary anti-aging active ingredient based on a high-tech plant cell culture technology.



Malus domestica fruit cell culture :    9.0%      CAS 89957-48-2

Lecithin (Lecithin) :                             0.14%     CAS 8002-43-5

Glycerol (Glycerin) :                            0.4%       CAS 56-81-5

 2-phenoxyethanol :                           0.8%        CAS 122-99-6

Xanthan Gum :                                    1.0%         CAS 11138-66-2

Water (Aqua/Water) : 88.66%           88.60%     CAS 7732-18-5