Acai Stem Cell Extract

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INCI:Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract Lactobacillus Ferment

Light Caramel clear pourable liquid. Slight herby odour. some sedimentation.

CAS 999999-99-4     98%   EC 310-127-6

(or) 9015-54-7
Cas 1686112-36-6  (Leucidal SF) 2%  EC 295-635-5

 So What? so Why?  Acai Palms produce  the phenolic metabolite, Ferulic Acid which is a renowned antioxidant - common in many cosmetic formulations.

This phenolic metabolite is stressed biotically with Leuconostoc sp,. to promote the formation of secondary metabolites and as such  provides a (pretty much ) cutting edge to stem cell utilisation and has seen this extraction become a popular and semi-unique addition to the stem cell armoury.  And its inexpensive!  this is one of the cheaper stem cell extracts you will find in the market place.

It is known to provide antioxidant,  and anti-aging benefits ( and this bit I love)  while enhancing cellular metabolism.

Usage; 1- 5% . Add at cool down phase. or in the water case if you're cold processing

Not for internal use.

Not tested on animals.