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Coconut Extra Virgin Organic NEW LOWER PRICING

Escentials of Australia


 cocos nucifera

A light, fragrant oil extracted from the fruit of the coconut via Direct Micro Expeller DME. This extraction process leaves it ice white, fragrant and a beautiful taste. In cosmetics it is a great moisturiser on its own as it is readily absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue. Has a fabulous coconut aroma. Its great in creams, lotions and balms, but once its emulsified in your cream/lotion you will lose the heavenly coconut aroma.

 Fatty Acids

Lauric acid 39-54, Linoleic acid 12, Oleic acid 4-11, Palmitic acid 6-11, Stearic acid 14,

Iodine value 10.

20LT comes comes in a white HDPE pail with tamper evident lid.

40lt size is 2 x 20lt pails





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