Black seed oil aka black cumin oil Origin Turkey

 Cas 90064-32-7

nigella sativa cold pressed mature seeds

This oil aka Blackseed is a dark brown black oil with an odour very characteristic. Batches can tend to be different slightly in colour/odour, but properties are pretty much the same irrespective of the growing area. The conventional varitye tends to be darker on colour than the organic variety.


It should not be confused with the more common variety of cumin Cuminum cyminum.

Black cumin oil is rich with compounds such as nigellone and thymoquinone, black cumin seed is thought to contain over 100 ingredients & many remain unknown. However, experts agree that the most important compounds  are the fatty acids and nutrients.

Some components of black cumin seed OIL:

C16:0 palmitic acid  12.77%

C16:1 palmitoleic acid 0.23%

C18:0 stearic acid      3.2%

C18:1 oleic acid        22.64%

C18:2 linoleic acid     57.29%

C18:3 linolenic acid   0.25%





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