Sal Butter

Escentials of Australia


CAS 225234-08-2

INCI Shorea robusta. (aka Shorea butter) has been refined to remove some of the odour and to ensure it is totally clean. 

More info
Color off White
Odor slight nutty
Free Fatty Acids 0.25
Peroxide Value 2.0
NonSaponifiables 1.8
Saponification Value 192
Iodine Value 39.3
Total Saturated 48-55
Total Monounsaturated 37 43
Total Polyunsaturated 0-4
Melting Point is about body temperature, once melted it often sets grainy ( dont be alarmed - it will not affect your finished product once incorporated.
Fatty Acids Profile
Oleic 40%
Palmitic 5%
Linoleic 3%
Stearic 45%

Level of UV protection approximately SPF6, Tip its a nice addition to your sunscreen products, partiularly lip balms.




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