Aloe Vera Butter

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This soft, delicious, creamy butter is extracted via enfleuraged coconut oil 

Colour is white, or slight ivory, and odour is nil to light oily

About Enfleurage
Glass plates in a frame called a chassis are covered with highly purified and odorless coconut  oil and the leaves of the botanical matter that are being extracted are spread across it and pressed in. 

The leaves remain in this greasy compound for a few days to allow the essence to disperse into the compound, where the then depleted petals are removed and replaced with a fresh harvest of petals.

This process is repeated until the greasy mix is saturated with the essence, and needs to be repeated a couple of times until saturation is achieved.

When the mix has reached saturation point the flowers are removed and the enfleurage pomade the oil then washed with alcohol to separate the extract from the remaining fat, which is then used to make soap.