100ml Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottle

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100ml Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottle

Neck is 18mm.

Cap is not supplied. Please note - in the pic we have put a black dripolator cap which is our most popular one - but you will need to choose it separately and add it to your cart.

Volume specified is the nominal manufacturers claim as with most bottles a fill right up to the neck is a small percentage more than nominal.

Height for label 75mm, height with cap 113mm, diameter 14.3 cm

label area 7.5cm x 14.3cm

These bottles are supplied without caps.  Option for a cap please choose 18mm dripolator cap, or 18mm black screw cap or an 18mm  spray ( with a dip tube of at least 100mm) or an 18mm pump

220 size is 2 x trays of 110