Vanilla Oleoresin 30 fold
vanilla panifolia

Escentials of Australia


Cas 8024-06-4

 Oil soluble  light brown liquid with a medium vanilla aroma (and flavour)

oleoresin is derived by alcohol extraction of chopped beans, followed by removal of the alcohol by distillation in a vacuum. The oleoresin remaining after alcohol evaporation is a dark brown viscous liquid. It is graded according to its potency determined by its vanillin content, with 30 fold, being the highest, followed by 20fold 10fold 5fold, single fold etc.

We have changed our folded vanilla oils 5 fold 10 fold and 20 fold and 30 fold to a filtered light brown oil.  Vanillin content is the same or greater than what we have previously supplied in black colour.  The reason for this is we will get a consistent vanillin content, a consistent colour and viscosity.

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