Neem Seed Oil India
azardirachta india


Neem Seed Oil India <br><i><small>azardirachta india</small></i></br>

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Cas 84696-25-3

Neem oil is cold extracted from the seed kernel. is used in creams, lotions and soaps. It is also known to have insect deterrent properties see below for suggested recipe. Mix 210 neem oil with a fragrant natural cream, lotion or shampoo.

Suggested Recipe for controlling pests in the garden.
Mix 1 teaspoon neem or karanja oil my be used as an alternative with 1 litre warm water, using 1 tspn soap or other emulsifier. Mix thoroughly.emulsify the oil and then add the remaining water and agitate well. Make sure the oil is completely emulsified before spraying. If there is oil floating on top add more soap or emulsifier as needed. Spray with full leaf coverage for healthy plants. Repeat sprays every 7-10 days for 4- 5 weeks if needed. Avoid spraying when honey bees are feeding. Neem will not harm adult honey bees or other beneficials but can harm bee larvae and juveniles in the hive.

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