Lavender Essential Oil Spain
lavandula officinalis

Escentials of Australia



CAS 8000-28-0

Lavender Spanish has a fresh, floral herbaceous odor, with a note of camphor. it is not as sweet as most French varieties of angustifolia. The camphor note tends to enhance its persistence in manufactured products. Similar to lavender spike in odour , but a bit more persistent. 

Fresh, floral, light, herbaceous, camphor,  not sweet.

Please note mostly we need to blend this with some lavender oil from France to ensure the specs are met and it is consistent with what we have been supplying over the years.

C of A

steam distilled herb (aerial parts)

SG 0.86

RI 1.41000

OR -4.91

37.9%  linalyl acetate

39.5%  linalool

0.5% 1, 8 cineole

0.29% lavendulyl acetate

5.4% camphor

Batch No 100....

Shelf life 30 months

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