Vitamin E Natural T95 mixed tocopherols

Escentials of Australia

Vitamin E Natural 95%

Cas No 1406-66-2.

Mixed Tocopherols 95, Natural Vitamin E is a transparent, brownish-red, viscous oil with a mild characteristic odor. It is a 95% active blend of natural mixed tocopherols isolated from primarily soybean oil and concentrated to contain naturally occurring d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma and d-delta tocopherols. Specs: oil soluble,  dark viscous liquid.

CAS No 54-28-4   d-delta tocopherol 50% plus

CAS 119-13-1 d-beta tocopherol 20% plus

CAS 59-02-9 alpha tocopherol approx 5– 10%

CAS 148-03-8 d-gamma tocopherol 5%     




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