Relistase [TM]

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INCI Glycerin and Acetylarginyltryptophyl Diphenylglycine

Relistase TM is a beaut tetrapeptide from Lipotec created for skin elasticity and tightness enhancement in cosmetic formulations. Identified by a combinatorial chemistry approach from a library of more then 330,000 peptides, the library was screened to evaluate the inhibitory potency of the various peptides on the activity of elastase enzyme. Through this process, the peptide in RelistaseTM was found to best inhibit excess elastase activity, helping to improve skin elasticity lost due to the normal process of aging or by extransic factors such as excessive solar exposure or air pollution among others. By reducing excess elastase activity, RelistaseTM helps to protect elastin and other ECM components which are susceptible to degradation by these enzymes resulting in loose, sagging and wrinkled skin. The tetrapeptide also exhibits collagen boosting properties favoring connective tissue improvement, enhancing tensile strength and elastic resistance, thus leading to firmer, tighter, elastic and younger skin. Cosmetic Properties A molecular cosmetic active peptide that enhances skins elasticity and tightness especially targeted for mature skinHelps to protect elastin by inhibiting human neutrophil elastase activityImproves tightness and overall skin elasticity as proven in vivoCollagen boosting properties help with connective tissue improvement and restoration of the skins three-dimensional integrity, as proven in vitro Incorporation At the final stage of the manufacturing process, cool down, provided the temperature is no higher than 104 to 113F 4045C. 

The pH of the final formulation should range between 5.0 to 7.0.

Recommended Usage Rate 0.5% -4%

Appearance Colorless translucent solution Solubility Water soluble

Long Term Storage Cool, dark place

If kept in these conditions shelf life is at least 18 months.


Do not directly apply onto your skin.