Skin Tightener ( Algae and Glucan)

Escentials of Australia

Skin Tightener ( Algae and Glucan)

CAS 921288202 9057027

INCI Algae extract, pullulan.

Highpurity algae extract from micro algae Nannochloropsis oculata combined with pullulan, a film-forming natural sugar glucan from the fungus A. Pullulans. Contains vitamin C B12 as antioxidants

appearance Yellow/green to amber, viscous liquid. Soluble in water ethanol. Preserved with phenoxyethanolsodium benzoate.  Skin Tightener has shown to tighten skin in the short long term. Studies found that Skintightener can protect skin cells from oxidative stress strengthens skins connective tissue by stimulating collagen synthesis renewing tissue cells. Pullulan is also renowned for retaining moisture.

Recommended useage 1- 5%. Incorporate at cooldown

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