Olive Oil USA Fractionated

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Olive Oil USA Fractionated



aka olive oil unsaponifiablesaka planell oilOlive Oil Unsaponifiables aka Planell Oil CAS No. 156798128 naturally derived from the unsaponifiable oil fractions of olives after pressing. Rich in phytosterols and glycolipids, it is of benefit in replenishing those lipids lost from the skin, restoring suppleness and flexability. Refining select fractions of olive oil unsaponifiables produces an oil rich in both squalane and squalene, making Relatively stable from oxidation due to the natural inhibitors it contains, it has been further fortified with tocopherol. Olive Oil Unsaponifiables area soluble in oil and ethanol and forms an emulsion in water. It is recommended for anhydrous products where its ability to blend with the moisture in the skin, lips or hair allows the use of an active moisturizing claim in these products. It is also easily incorporated into emulsions, day and night creams, liquid makeup, lipstick, mascaras and eyeliners, as well as hair conditioners, and hair dressings. Typical composition follows Squalane 55 70Squalene 1525Glycolipids 1015Phytosterols 17 Typical Usage Rate 1 5, up to 100 Appearance Mobile, yellow oil Odor Mild SAP Value KOH 11.7 25 max. Tocopherol Content 0.8 1.2 Specific Gravity .8412 20C Flash Point > 200F Required HLB Not defined INCI Olea Europaea Olive Oil Unsaponifiables

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