Orange Blood Essential Oil

Escentials of Australia


citrus sinensis v. tarocco

CAS 8028-48-6

Cold pressed from the peel of the orange tarocco variety this is the most popular of the three commom blood orange varieties. Paradoxically it is often referred to as halfblood, because the flesh is not accentuated with red pigmentation as much as with the Moro and Sanguinello varieties. It has thin orange skin, and the oil is usually fairly light in colour lighter than a typical sweet orange from Australia or the Americas The Tarocco is Italys most popular orange because of its sweetness and juiciness. It has the highest Vitamin C content of any orange variety grown in the world, mainly on account of the fertile soil surrounding Mount Etna.

But I like Aussie oranges and Aussie orange oil better.

Specific Gravity 0.8440

Refractive Index 20 deg 1.4745

Optical Rotation 20 deg 96.20

Key constituents: Limonene 95 - 98; Myrcene 1-5%

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