Lemongrass Essential Oil Guatemala

Escentials of Australia

Essential Oil of lemongrass guatemala

 cymbopogon Flexuosus Stapf.

CAS 8007-02-1

Steam distilled from the leaves of organically grown trees. yellow/orange  in colour and characteristic herbaceous and fierce lemon odour.

Specific Gravity 25 C 1.4840

Refractive Index 20 C 0.8870

Optical Rotation 4.8000

it has been used primarily for flavouring very common in Asian cusine and for help in aiding digestion. In research it has also been seen to have antifungal properties.

Key Constituents are:Geranial 35 46%

Geraniol 5-10%

Neral 25-45%

Transbetacarophyllene 2 -5%





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