Cashew Nut Oil

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Cashew Nut Oil

anacardium occidentale

Cashew nut has a shell with an oily outer layer, and a hard inner layer, within which the familiar cashew nut is contained Cashew oil refers to oil extracted from this nut.

It is cold pressed and is a lovely light oil, ranging from pale yellow to dark yellow in colour, and occasionallyhas a slight nutty odour, moderated by a sweet note.

Uses its lightness and slightly sweet odour are good indicators of versatility in many lotions and potions, and massage oils. It is rich in EFAs especially oleic and linoleic acids 77 Vitamins A, D, K, PP, E. It contains mainly unsaturated fatty acids, but also sterols and unsaponifiable matter 0.9 to1.8. It is a precious oil, rich in Vitamin E 21.5mg100g.

Typical fatty acids profile
Palmitic acid C160 9.0
Palmitoleic acid C161 0.3
Margaric acid C170 0.1
Stearic acid C180 9.0
Oleic acid C181 57.01
Linoleic acid C182 w6 22.5
Alphalinolenic acid C183 w3 1.3
Arachidonic acid C200 0.6
Gadoleic acid C201 0.1
Betasitosterol 82.5

Pse note there is also oil extracted from the oily outer layer of the cashew shell it is rich in colour and odour. It is cashew shell oil aka Cashew Nut Shell Liquid CNSL reported to be toxic heres a tip from a website You cant just shell and eat cashew nuts like other nuts. Their shell is full of a horrible, caustic liquid that will burn holes into you

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