Ajowan Essential Oil
trachyspermum ammi


Ajowan Essential Oil <br><i><small>trachyspermum ammi</small></i>
The oil is steam distilled from the dried seeds, and the resultant odour is still powerful herbaceous, spicy, medicinal and very similar to thyme. It is a light oil, pale yellow, tending to brown.  Mostly chewed whole their own for medicinal value, tasting bitingly hot and bitter. I reckon only the toughest in the clan would have been up to this. Cooking mellows the taste only marginally. It is given a number of other names depending on its origin including carom ajowa and carom copticum.


Uses it is sought after in a number of industries because is its high thymol content which can range from 30-60 Our thymol content is 40 Plus. It is found in pharmaceuticals, fine fragrances, cosmetics, Food common in toothpaste and Beverages.

Thymol Contents 40 Min.

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