Caprylyl Glycol EHG


Caprylyl Glycol EHG

CAS 1117-86-8, 70445-33-9.

Description This product is a mild humectant and skin emollient with a unique skin feel. Additionally, it can contribute to the antimicrobial stability of cosmetics formulations and improves efficacy of traditional cosmetic preservatives. Glycols are known to be antimicrobial and show antimicrobial efficacy against typical germs found in cosmetic formulations. Soluble in glycols and alcohols, to increase solubility in water propylene glycol, emulsifiers or surfactants are necessary. Clear colourless liquid, mild odour. 

INCI Name Caprylyl glycol and ethylhexylglycerin.

Properties Effective humectant and emollient with antimicrobial efficacy, boosts traditional preservatives, provides deodorizing efficacy.

Use Incorporate into emulsion systems after emulsification, recommended final concentration 0.5%-2%, 0.5% in deodorants. For external use only.

Application All kinds of leave on rinse off personal care and cosmetic products.

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