Salicylic Acid 2-hydroxybenzoic acid

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INCI Salicylic Acid

CAS 69727

Organic beta hydroxy acid Soluble in alcohol, only slightly soluble in water, pH Value 2.4. Melting Point 159oC 318oF.

One of the miracle derivatives of this decade, this fine white powder occurs naturally in various plants. It has been proven as an antiacne agent due to antiseptic properties, very effective keratolytic agent exfoliant within skin pores used for peelings, antidandruff, antipsoriatic, antiseborrheic antiwarts treatments.

Use below is the manufacturers recommendation we suggest you sneak up on it carefully and see how it works for you.

Final concentration dependent on indication acne 0.5 3, dandruff 13, wartscorns 5 25.

Applications Peeling lotions, antiwartsointments, antiacne gels lotions, antidandruff shampoos. Note salicylic acid products may sting on the skin.

Precautions To avoid excess peelingirritation of the skin be careful when using salicylic acid together with abrasive soaps or cleansers, alcoholcontaining products, or other topical acne or peeling products e.g., tretinoin is one that we are very wary of, our AHA blend is another but not nearly as of such concern, but note there are others also that we do notmay not use, soaps or cosmetics that dry the skin.

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