Fragonia TM Essential Oil Australia
agonis fragrans


Fragonia TM Essential Oil Australia <br><i><small>agonis fragrans</small></i></br>

Cas 934621-96-2 agonis fragrans
Steam Distilled Leaves/Flowers
The oil is harvested and steam distilled from Agonis fragrans, a small shrub to 2.4m. It is found on the south coast of Western Australia. Recognised as coarse teatree by the cut flower industry, it has only recently been given its common name, which reflects the fragrant nature of both the foliage and the extracted oil. Primary constituents of the oil are 1.8 cineole, alphapinene linalool. It is an extremely balanced oil, with the oxides cineole, monoterpenes alphapinene and monoterpenols linalol and others in near perfect 111 ratio. The odour is described as a pleasant fresh cineolic odour with a hint of a citrus note which becomes more pronounced after a few minutes mixed with a slight spicy cinnamon tonality and sweet balsamic undertones. The dry down is very faint being sweet, soapy and woody balsamic. copyright Tony Burfield 2004

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