Tagetes Essential Oil Madagascar
tagetes bipinatal


Tagetes Essential Oil Madagascar <br><i><small>tagetes bipinatal </small></i></br>

CAS 70892-20-5

Tagetes oil is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves, stalks and flowers. It has a wild, sweet, fruity almost citrus-like smell and is orange to reddish-amber in color, and medium viscosity.

Known in Africa as Khaki bush, it is now also grown in France and North America and is a weed with green feathery leaves and numerous yellowish-orange carnation-like flowers.

The leaves and flowers are a good insect repellent and are often seen hanging from native huts to deter swarms of flies and mosquitoes. In a 5% dilution, tagetes oil has been used to kill maggots in open wounds, while the roots and seeds have been found to help rid the body of poisons.

The main chemical components are tagetone, limonene, valeric acid and ocimene etc.

Tagetes oil is a very powerful oil and should be used sparingly. It should be avoided during pregnancy and does cause photosensitivity.

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