Vanillin Fine white powder

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CAS 121-33-5

Very fine white powder medium strength mouth-watering odour.

The ubiquitous vanillin is widely used in the food and beverage, perfume and cosmetics industries. It provides part or all of many discreet flavours and fragrances. It can be added to any recipe where a sweet, balsamy boost is preferred, and can be used as a substitute for vanilla planifolia.

Vanillin can be found in many naturally occurring compounds, including vanilla planifolia at concentrations of about 23000 ppm. However due to the cost of pure vanilla and vanilla- derived products it is necessary to look elsewhere in nature to find and extract the vanillin components.

origin is Europe

More info: 

Physical Characteristics

Appearance: white  needle crystals 
Odour: Characteristic, vanilla like 
Solubility: 1g in 3ml 70% Ethanol or 2ml 95% ethanol, clear solution 
Assay Min 99.6 %
Residue on Ignition/Sulphated Ash Max 0.05 %
Melting Point 81.0 - 83.0 °C
Loss on drying Max 0.5 %
Arsenic as As Max 0.0003 %
Heavy metals as Pb Max 0.001 %
E.coli & Salmonella Negative
Mesh size 60 - 80
Conforms to FCC 9 

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 Vanillin MSDS

Vanillin COA