Eucalyptus Blue Gum Organic Essential Oil

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organic eucalyptus globulus  80/85

like most eucalyptus this is fresh, very clear, with a fairly sharp, tenacious odour 

cineole content is 80% plus so its odour quotient is very strong 

Useful for muscular aches & decongestion properties.  We reckon this is best for clearing the sinus passages and throat - it is a very fast actor.

Tip -  if the odour is bit strong for you then add a drop of sweet orange essential oil to moderate it - very nice!


Please note some essential oils, particularly those which are highly volatile,  
will affect the epoxy resin lining and you may find some of this lining sedimenting in your oil.   
Do not be alarmed - it wont affect the quality of the oil and you can filter this out.