N-Acetyl Glucosamine - NAG

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N-Acetyl Glucosamine - NAG

 CAS No.7512-17-6  

N-acetyl glucosamine is  a “skin identical ingredient”, meaning it’s found in our skin in the inter-cellular pockets, and it is used to maintain skin’s barrier .  

Why NAG - its best feature is its ability to increase collagen production! Also itincrease moisture content , skin elasticity , increases exfoliation, and purportedly also the the speed of wound healing. 

Fine white water soluble powder.

NAG has been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation and can be combined with niacinamide to further increase its ability to reduce hyperpigmentation. One study showed that a formulation of 2% niacinamide and 4% NAG significantly reduced the appearance and amount of hyperpigmentation of age spots and uneven skin pigmentation. Another eight week, double blind study showed a reduction in facial hyperpigmentation using NAG alone. It inhibits the glycolysation of pro-tyrosinase, which results in the reduction of melanin in the skin. A similar study using niacinamide and NAG on women aged 35 to 60 showed an increase in the production of hyaluronic acid, resulting in improved hydration.  Result -fine line reduction  increased skin elasticity .

It is an amino sugar that has skin exfoliating properties similar to alpha and beta hydroxyl acids but without the irritation.  Useage 0.4% - 2%

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