Hyaluronic Powder GELLING

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Hyaluronic Powder  GELLING

 INCI Sodium Hyaluronate CAS No. 9067-32-7

High Molecular Weight Approx 1.5m daltons in weight. 

This fine white, vegan, powder is a polysaccharide occurring in all our body cells,  providing protection against ageing, pollution, drying and the like.

It  serves as a water reservoir keeping us hydrated. Ageing reduce the amount of Hair the cells so this is where this must-have -for-your-face comes into play. 

It's  derived from vegetable matter - fermented Streptrococcus Zooepidemicus.

Recommended Usage Rate 0.1 - 2.0% in your water phase.

At concentration of 0.1% you will just start to see the water thickening , and beyond 2.0 you will find your mixture to thick to blend properly.
Molecular Weight 1.5 Million Daltons approx.

Tip add it to any of your emulsified or water based face products - you'll love it.


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