15ml Miron Glass Essential Oil Bottle CLEAROUT SPECIAL

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18mm neck -  these bottles are supplied without caps.

why miron glass - well its pretty much the most  photo-reflective glass around.

(so you might conclude your product will last just that bit longer)

Caps for these bottles are located in the Dripolators section.They have an 18mm closure neck. Volume specified is the nominal manufacturers claim as with most bottles a fill right up to the neck is a small percentage more than nominal.

Height for label 44mm, diam 95mm

If you wish to choose an option for a cap please choose 18410 dripolator cap, or 18410 black screw cap or 18410 spray, or 18410 pump, 18mm eyedropper

 In the picture you can see it side by side with the standard brown glass version.

It is slightly larger than the amber glass one.

(the one at the back has dripolator cap ( cap is not supplied with the bottle))