Soapmaking Q&A

Soapmaking Q & A

I first learnt to make soap in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1995 ... and along the way I have had a lot of fun creating, experimenting, sharing and learning. The Internet has proved to be a valuable resource, not only in the information available on line, but also in the people that I have met over the years through various email communities. Some of these people have become firm friends whom I am indebted to.

This Soapmaking Q & A is a way for me to give back some of the help extended to me during my soaping journey. Because soapmaking is a very personal experience some of what I say may not hold true for you, some may, but whichever is the case I hope that you find this information helpful.

So do you have a soap or cosmetic related question for me? Click on the "Ask Your Question" link below to generate an email ... all you need to do is type your question then send it on its way! If I haven't personally experienced the problem or issue, I will still do my best to research an answer for you. I will post the answer to you directly and may also post it here on the website. I will try to get all questions answered as quickly as possible but please be aware there may be some delay before you receive a reply.

Lisa WB






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